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Pro Ecclesia Hungariae - In Honor of Hungary



New York Hungarian Scientific Society
5 Year Anniversary Celebration

Professor László Zaborszky, MD,PhD,DSc,  President of NYHSS, was the Master of Ceremonies and introduced Zsófia Trombitás the founding corporate secretary who described the Society's beginnings.

Next,  Past-President Janos Bergou, PhD,Dr.H.c., Professor, Doctor of Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Fellow of the American Physical Society, Fellow of the Optical Society of America, Department of Physics and Astronomy, Hunter College of CUNY, described the work of the Society over the past years.

Professor Zaborszky introduced Dr. Vizi Szilveszter the renowned researcher, past President of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, and President of the non-profit Friends of Hungary Foundation. The Friends of Hungary Foundation was established to provide “value-based but non-partisan” information to the community of Hungary’s friends and the general public on events and results concerning Hungary and Hungarians living around the world.  Its work also extends to following the successful social, cultural, scientific and economic activities of Hungarians around the world and strengthening ties between the country and the Diaspora. Its members include over 200 renowned scientists, artists, musicians, philanthropists, educators, journalists and business persons.  


Our foundation President Balogh expresses  his gratitude for Dr. Szilveszter's public praise at this event of our work in bringing closer ties between the USA and Hungary, alluding to the  hosting of the American Ambassador Colleen Bell at the Opera  in 2015 which introduced her to a wide spectrum of the non-political Hungarian society.

Professor Ivan Bodis-Wollner, director of Parkinson’s Disease and Related Disorders Clinic Center of Excellence, SUNY gave the keynote research paper: "What the human eye does not tell the human brain."